The question of the day: Who is the real Tintin?

Tintin would indeed look like a certain Palle Huld. It was by seeing a photograph of this young Dane, born in 1912, and who died in 2010, almost a hundred years old, that Hergé would have had the idea of ​​the character who would make him famous. Looking at this photo, taken in Moscow’s Red Square in 1928, we immediately see similarities between this 15-year-old teenager and the future Tintin. He is indeed wearing golf pants, a buttoned jacket, covered with a loose coat. And he is wearing a large cap. In short, the very outfit of Tintin, which one would think had come out of his albums to come and pose in front of the photographer’s lens. Little time elapsed between this photo, whether or not it inspired the creation of Tintin, and the first appearance of the famous reporter, on January 10, 1929, in the pages of a Belgian newspaper.

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