Does Zoom’s data center have virus / intrusion countermeasures (prevention / detection / recovery of data tampering)?

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We are implementing the following measures.
・ Anti-virus / anti-malware measures are implemented by obtaining the latest information from vendors.
-Uses TLS (256 bits) for communication and encrypts the network. End-to-end content encryption (AES256 bits) is also possible.
・ Vulnerability diagnosis (penetration test, etc.) is conducted by a third-party organization.
-Implement multiple network security measures such as FW, IDS / IPS, and DDoS measures.



Is the frequency of virus scans appropriate in the Zoom data center?
Is your data stored securely?
Is it possible to specify the data storage location (server/data center)?
Are appropriate disaster countermeasures taken at the data storage location (server/data center)?
In what country data center is the recorded data of Zoom stored?
Are recordings stored in the cloud encrypted?
Is the downloaded recording encrypted?
Does the service provider or the service user own the information registered and recorded in the system?
What kind of approval system is SOC2?
Are software updates and patches applied to Zoom data centers as a security measure?
Does Zoom’s data center store backup files for the appropriate period/generations?
Are backups done properly in Zoom’s data center?
Is it possible to provide SOC2 reports/audit materials?


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