5 Best Antivirus For iPhone | Edition 2021

Today we are here with the top 5 best antivirus apps for iPhone. Smartphones have become an incredible part of our lives. We use them for many purposes. In addition, we keep our photos, videos and other important and private files in smartphones. It is therefore necessary to protect our personal data on our iPhones or other devices.

The best way to keep your data secure is to use the best antivirus for iPhone. In terms of features and security, iPhones are considered the best phones. They give us great features and a great look.

Many anti-virus applications for iPhone are present on the iTunes store. But not all are so good when it comes to security. It can be difficult to know the best antivirus for iPhone . So we have selected the best antivirus software for iPhone.

Best Antivirus for iPhone


1. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is the best antivirus for iPhones. It is available in both paid and free versions. You can use it for free, but if you want to enjoy additional features, you need to purchase the paid version.

Features of Lookout Mobile Security:

  • Back up all your personal data including contacts, photos, videos, etc.
  • If your phone is lost, it shows the last location of your iPhone.
  • It can download the backup data to any other device.
  • Lookout Notifies of the latest iOS updates.
Developer: Lookout, Inc.
Price: Free + 

2. Mcafee security


Mcafee Security is one of the most trusted brands for iPhone antivirus apps. It is a well-known antivirus application and ensures the safety of your data on your iPhone.


  • Back up your contacts and other data. You can then restore them to different devices.
  • Displays the location of your iPhone.
  • Provides Secure Snap which is a secure album for pictures. Your private photos are not displayed in the gallery or photo album.
  • If your phone is lost, it allows you to alarm it even in silent mode.
Developer: McAfee, LLC.
Price: Free + 

3. MobiShield


Mobishield is also a great antivirus for iPhone 6 with some cool features. It’s a paid app, but the price is well worth it.


  • Scans your phone regularly and warns if a virus is there.
  • Checks the network to which your phone is connected.
  • Keeps your data safe by creating a backup.
  • It tells you if your data limit is reached and prevents data overload.
  • The company updates it from time to time with the latest features.
Developer: Trustmobi
Price: Free + 

4.Norton Mobile Security


Another free iPhone antivirus application is Norton Mobile Security. You can download it for free, but maybe it has an in-app purchase that you may need to purchase. It also provides a monthly subscription.


  • Anti-theft tools (phone locator + triggering siren).
  • Protection against phishing websites.
  • Scan all iPhone apps and tells about malicious apps.
  • Directly blocks infected or malicious websites while surfing the internet.
Price: Free + 

5. Avira Mobile Security


Avira Mobile Security is an antivirus application different from the other applications in the list. You must create an account and provide information to use it. With Avira, you can backup your valuable data and contacts on your iPhone.


  • It has an identity checker which prevents unauthorized access to your iPhone device.
  • Scans for harmful websites and apps block them.
  • If your phone is lost, it allows you to call it from the website.
  • The best feature is the Avira Community. You can get help from the helpful community.
Developer: Avira Holding
Price: Free + 


So it was the best antivirus apps for iPhone. We have mentioned the top 5 and the best antivirus for iPhone. Protecting your personal data is very important. So it is necessary to protect your iPhone from viruses and malware.

The list includes Antivirus for iPhone 6. You can use these antivirus apps on your iPhone. Hope you found something useful here. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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