How to secure your computer against malware?

What is malware?

It is a program that could affect the proper functioning of your computer. Once inside, it can steal your personal information without your knowledge, damage your files or even blackmail you by encrypting your data.

The different types of malware

Several malicious programs currently exist but the most popular are the following:

  • viruses that infect your PC;
  • worms that risk invading your computer but also the devices that are networked with it;
  • spyware that secretly collects your personal data: bank card, social security number, passport, etc. ;
  • Trojan horses that damage your files;
  • Phishing which are scams carried out online.

How to fight malware?

Several methods can be used to effectively combat malicious programs.

Update regularly

In general, the updates offered by the publishers are used to correct the security vulnerabilities that they have recently detected. The operating system as well as the software are affected by this process. You can schedule an automatic update or do it manually as appropriate.

Use multiple user accounts

The idea is simple: share the risks when you go surfing the Internet. By using a classic account but not an administrator account, you will limit the data to which hackers will have access if they manage to hack your PC.

Be extra careful on the Internet

Faced with offers that seem too enticing to be true, you will have to remain vigilant. Avoid browsing an unsecured website, never click on a dubious link even if it was sent to you by e-mail. Do not download free software from the Internet unless you are sure of the reputation of the website offering it.

Pay attention to email attachments

This is the primary vector for the spread of malware. Many Internet users are caught because they are not suspicious enough of the people who send them by email. By clicking on the images or links sent, they will introduce malware into their PC that can endanger their personal data.

Install anti-virus software

The best solution would be to install antivirus software on your PC. This will be able to analyze all your files before each opening. You can also use this tool to scan all the contents of your computer in order to eliminate malicious programs that hide there.

Surf the Internet with a secure server

To prevent cybercriminals from getting your IP address and knowing your browsing habit, use a VPN server . It is an effective protection against malware but also against all types of cyber attacks.


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